This is a movie that I would love to go see. Especially from the previews and other people evaluation of it after they have already seen the movie. I most likely will go see it in theater in the very near future.


World War Z

What’s it like to battle with the undead? Do we humans have the advantage or is it the opposite?

I had the chance to watch this awesome movie and aside from the fact that it was an unexpected opportunity, the movie itself is not what I wanted to watch at the very first place. However, these contrasts made the movie even more interesting than what the producers aimed it to be. From the fright up to desperation of the situation until the vivid message the movie has in-stored to the viewers.

I encourage you to watch World War Z and I advice you to stay focus not just on the effects and the stories but most importantly to the hidden meaning each event offers. By that, I am sure you’ll find a deeper meaning than what meets the eye.

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